Youth Ki Awaaz 1.0

The scintillating series of performances by young teens shook the premises of university campus as the voice of youths got a chance to express themselves.

Youth Ki Awaz 1.0
Youth Ki Awaz 1.0

If April 20 is famous for its first historic performance of the greatest tragedy of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth then more than 400 years after such a scintillating performance, a series of performances thousands of miles away from the Global Theatre, London in the premises of G.L Bajaj University, Greater Noida grasped the attention of the common masses. If that was the era of periodic romance, then it was the need of the hour that the voices of youths should be given a platform which was duly recognized by the Artistically Audacious under the banner of “Youth Ki Awaaz 1.0”. In the premises of university a bunch of young but energetic and enthusiastic teens put forward their thought on the current perception of youths. Undoubtedly the subject of romance couldn’t have been eliminated and the bereavement of your sweetheart was very finally portrayed by Rudra Shandilya through his ‘Barsaat-e-Ishq’. As today’s youth are not confined just towards romance but also the ongoing problems of modern society, Rasheed Ameen conveyed some beautiful lines on the current political and socio-religious perception of our society. As the current mad race of globalization have made us obsessed towards success the young poet Ashwini mentioned the importance of living our life in today sidelining the quest for future.  Even the participation of the better half of the society was quite appreciable and the young poetess Purnima reminded us of the importance of old days through her “Love in 90s”.

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Not only the concept of life and success were covered but also the ongoing evils of society like gangrape were portrayed through a very fine performance by Sanchit Sharma through his poem “Mai Asifa Ka Bhai hu”. As art is just not restricted just to poetry, a melodious performance of the chartbusters by Arpit changed the whole mood. The various one-liners upon their academic background by the various performers was a chilling satire on our current educational system which just intends to prepare us for a job rather than finding ourselves.

The event concluded with the chilling satire of Nitish Raj who acted as a showstopper. The author of “I Had Also Loved Someone” objurgated the obsession of youth towards this so-called love which has done more harm than good to us. He urged the teens to focus on their career and life which is awaiting them in their near future rather than wasting their precious time on unproductive aspects.

The Policy Times-People’s Voice on Policy Change was the digital partner of the event.

 The event was powered by Nojoto, a Talent Sharing App

The other partners were Othogo and Achilles Racing Club

The event was hosted by Pragya Jha regarded as the ‘Universal Host’.

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Nitish Raj is an MBA dropout from a renowned management institute of India. Reading novels is his passion and so is writing opinion-editorials and non-fiction articles on social issues related to women empowerment, gender equality, caste system, social transformation. His favourite books are The White Tiger, Eleven Minutes, The Da Vinci Code, Animal Farm amongst many others. Some of his favourite authors are Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown, Munshi Premchand, Franz Kafka, Charles Dickens, etc. Though not a movie freak by fashion, he loves analysing and interpreting Bollywood movie themes and connecting them with real life issues. Notes On A Scandal, Paycheck, Arth, Dil Se, etc. are some of his favourite movies. He has won about 12 awards for academic excellence, other quiz and scholarship competitions and winner of Corporate Quiz Contest, Inter- College Competition, State-Level Quiz Contest and star achiever in organization during the project completion among many others. He is also working on a couple of fiction books on women empowerment and other women issues.