Why Zakir Naik Got Clean Chit

While there was an effort to make Zakir Naik a villain, there was no enough to prove that Naik or his organization is involved in any anti-social or anti-national activities. Read what the Judges have to say!

Why Zakir Naik Got Clean Chit
Why Zakir Naik Got Clean Chit

“As far as terrorist is concerned, I tell the Muslims that every Muslim should be a terrorist” This was the statement which stirred a wind of flashing news and hot debates all over the country’s media houses for number of months. And the man who dared to speak this statement was called the number one terrorist of the country by the media houses.

“I have heard many of these speeches and I can tell you that so far I haven’t come across anything objectionable,” Justice Manmohan Singh said.

What are these speeches Justice Singh referring not to be objectionable and Media houses using same to label this man as terrorist?

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“As far as terrorist is concerned, I tell the Muslims that every Muslim should be a terrorist…. What is the meaning of the word terrorist? Terrorist by definition means a person who terrorizes. So in this context every Muslim should be a terrorist to each and every anti-social element. I’m aware that terrorist is more commonly used for a person who terrorizes innocent human beings. So in this context no Muslim should ever terrorize a single innocent human being.”

This Statement was taken out of context by Media and used to malign this man as terrorist.

Who is this Man?

Abdul Karim Zakir Naik, A famous televangelist, an MBBS doctor-turned Islamic Orator known for his computer like memory, can quote any references for any topic from any religious books. He established IRF (Islamic Research Foundation) in the year 1991. His works mainly comprises of the research on different religions of the world. He has given more than 4000 lectures in many countries. He has given lectures on the famous and sensitive topics like “Similarities between Hinduism And Islam”, “Similarities between Islam And Christianity”, “Terrorism And Jihad”, “Is Terrorism a Muslim Monopoly”, “Women’s Right in Islam”, “Quran And Modern Science”, “General Misconceptions About Islam” etc. These are the topics which no scholar or preachers generally speak openly. Zakir Naik has given the lectures on these topics in front of the crowds including Muslim and Non-Muslim.

He started giving lectures at the time when there was full negative environment against Islam and a man with beard and cap was seen with suspicious eyes. The necessity to clear the negative assumptions on Islam created in many minds led a way to one man while no others could take a step forward. His style of preaching wearing a coat and tie with beard and cap and the fluency in English language made him unique amongst the rest of the religious speakers. He started a trend of debates and dialogues with the scholars of different religions from different countries with peace and harmony. He is the first amongst any religious or political speaker who gives more chance for open question and answer session for the audience. And his answers always are logical and scientific with proofs and references.

He opened Islamic International School with the vision to provide Qualitative Education on both Islamic and contemporary studies for both girls and boys separately. It was the first school of its type in India which set an example for others to open many such schools.

He was also invited in the year 2013 to deliver lectures on Terrorism and Jihad to IPS and IFS in Hyderabad.


The first controversy started with Zakir Naik in India after the Dhaka attack when one of the terrorist followed Zakir Naik facebook page. This was first reported by one famous Bangladeshi paper. Later on Indian Media accused him and openly declared him as terrorist on this basis.

“.. following someone is not a character certificate of a person and is not in any way a guarantee of how a person would conduct himself.”  These are the words of Amit Malviya, BJP IT cell head. He has given an honest statement when the same controversy happened with our PM on following the supporter of terrorists who killed Gauri Lankesh. He further added that “rare leader who truly believes in freedom of speech and has never blocked or unfollowed anyone.” 

The point of putting this statement here is that both the controversies are of similar type so the statements given to justify one controversy should be applied to other too.

Further hearing this case of Zakir Naik Justice Manmohan Singh said to the ED Lawyer “Have you recorded anybody’s statement as to how they were influenced by these speeches? Your charge sheet does not even mention how these speeches played any role in a terror attack in Dhaka in 2015,” Justice Singh pointed out that ED did not produce any prima facie evidence or statements from “such misguided youths” as to how these speeches pushed them to commit illegal acts.

NIA also faced embarrassment when they requested Red Corner Notice against Zakir Naik and it was quashed by Interpol. Interpol further said that it was a “premature” request by NIA. Recently, in Malaysia Zakir Naik also felt relief when the Malaysian Court rejected to hear the case against him filed by the Hindraf group.

Zakir Naik always tells in his lecture the very famous ayat (verse) from Quran “Whoever kills a person [unjustly]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.”

Article Written by: Syed Azhar Ashraf