Zuber Rashid- An Architect with a Difference

The years of architecture have got a Midas touch in Pune with the immense hard work of an architect turned entrepreneur.

Zuber Rashid- An Architect with a Difference
Zuber Rashid- An Architect with a Difference

The eminent American architect Julia Morgan once said; “My buildings will be my legacy… they will speak for me long after I’m gone.” and it seems appropriate when we take a look at the glittering 35 years career of  Shaikh Zuber Rashid, Co-founder, Space Designers’ Syndicate. At the time when architecture in India was just confined to making buildings out of common sense and year-long generations’ wisdom, Mr. Rashid put the founding stone of professionalism in this industry. Her stepping stone also becomes precious like a diamond as it was not into one of the prominent cities of that time but into the adjoining city of Mumbai, i.e. Pune.

Undoubtedly India has a very glorious history when we take a look at the architecture but even after that, the architectural practices took a professional turn when Indian Institute of Architects was set up in 1917.  Even though the academic journals on architecture like The Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects had come into existence but still they were few in number.

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From a time where the word ‘Architect’ was unknown by the majority, to the day and age of today where it is one of the most respected professions of all, Ar. Zuber Shaikh has not only witnessed but also played a major role in the timeline of architecture in Pune. Starting his career as working under an eminent architect he has come a long way to be one of the prominent names in the architecture.

Mr. Rashid has been famous for his notable projects like Magarpatta City at Hadapsar, Pune, ABN Amro Bank at Camp, Pune and a lot of others. Till date, he has executed more than 1500 projects and his works been recognized duly. He has been awarded Architect of the Year 2002, Award by Accommodation Times; Mumbai, Government of Maharashtra Award as Best Urban Development Project for ‘Magarpatta City’ and a lot of other awards by different bodies. He credits his success to the foresightedness of his parents who admitted him to an English school at a time when it was just a mere fantasy for the kids. Looking back at his journey he stresses the hard struggle he had gone through which were built on the principle of ethics as this business was solely based on ‘Word of Mouth’. He believes that ‘Tongue Management’ is one of the important aspects which has worked as a ‘Success Mantra’ for him.

Mr. Rashid being an epitome of ethics, patience, struggle acts as a role model not only for architects but also for the young entrepreneurs.